Different and unique to themselves to an advantage or fault, the Universal Funk Orchestra is exactly what it is, a collective of musicians from all walks, here to bring the music to the people.

When it comes to exciting music, showmanship and an ongoing mission to bring the funk to the people, no one does this better than the Universal Funk Orchestra. With an array of vastly different backgrounds and mindsets, the Universal Funk Orchestra is a storm of musical information…in the best way possible.



Wyatt Becker, better known as Dizzlephunk is a multi-genre DJ, bassist, guitarist, and producer based in Orlando, Florida. Dizzlephunk creates original music by integrating four turntables while playing bass, accompanied by live instrumentation. Dizzlephunk first debuted his sound and style with Orlando when he became DJ and show producer for local radio stations 89.9 WUCF and 91.5 WPRK in 2005. Since, Dizzlephunk has performed 600 shows in Orlando and 220 across North America, Jamaica, the Bahamas and Mexico, opening for international acts such as Cypress Hill, Nappy Roots, Fishbone, Stafford Brothers, Anderson .Paak and Afroman.

Dizzlephunk has partnered with notorious brands including Red Bull, Carnival Cruise Lines and Orlando Weekly to bring fresh music to their event stages. On land, Dizzlephunk has two weekly residencies in Orland and monthly shows at various venues across the greater city area. When he’s not on stage, Dizzlephunk is in the studio creating, recording and releasing new music. His most recent project, Universal Funk Orchestra (U.F.O.), is a collective brand of musicians. U.F.O. is set to release a series of short documentary-style studio videos and perform live in Orlando beginning on May 19t h.

In addition to releasing his own music, Dizzlephunk created a platform for local Orlando artists and entertainers to showcase their talents and hosts an annual shoe and sock drive in December every year (different venues) venue to provide those without, protection for their feet.

Chris LeBrane


Chris LeBrane hails from Baton Rouge, LA. A musician since the age of 11, Chris moved to Orlando in 2004 to study Recording Arts at Full Sail University. From there, he formed The Aristocracy, alongside Chase Richard and his musical partner, Peter Lutringer. From that point, Chris has lent his various talents to over 13 bands over the past 12 years (Wakingdreamer, Unit Shifters, Family Gang, Kaleigh Baker and NEM, American Jesus and Chris LeBrane’s Campaign to name a few). A drummer, synthesist, bass guitarist and vocalist, Chris also ventures into production, low-budget conducting, arranging and video editing. Known for his energetic stage presence, Chris is a believer in showmanship and giving the audience more than the average performer. He enjoys french fries.

Brian “B.True”


Brian “B.True” Blanchard was born and raised in Downtown Orlando, Florida. He came up in a single Mother home with his little Brother where the struggle was an everyday thing. Music (especially Hip Hop) became an outlet for Brian. He would spend hours mimicking his favorite Emcees until he developed his own unique blend of everything he’d grown up listening too. The name “B.True” came to him in a vision. B for Brian and True to himself. Also an acronym standing for, “Born To Raise Universal Energy”. With a positive vibe in his eye and love for the universe in his heart, Brian B.True is here to help you set your mind FREE!



Joe (Kenny-J) Capati began his journey as a pianist at the early age of 6, and has been a Rock-Saxophonist in the Central Florida area for nearly 2 decades. In addition to the Piano and Saxophone, Kenny-J had the opportunity to explore the instrumentation of the Tuba, Marimba, Drum Set, and his own Voice throughout high school.

Besides the Universal Funk Orchestra, Kenny-J can be found performing in several other groups spanning in genres from Americana & Folk with The 502’s to Reggae-Rock with Gary Lazer Eyes.

“For me, the real job starts when I clock out for the day. For now, I spend 8 hours at a desk to make steady income, and that income is what facilitates the ability to spend as much time as I can every waking moment doing what I love without restraint.

#Neverstopplaying is my own life motto and mantra that transcends beyond just the instrument. All the world’s a stage and every waking moment we act on it. We decide whether or not we will play as a character in the light, or a character in the shadows, and I choose to share my talent as a character in the spotlight. It is my goal to reach as many people as possible, and in order to succeed in that I must never stop playing.”

The Jester


Many years ago, in a land far far away, was an eminent family of entertainment. For generations, the Jesters played for infinite masses of royal families. They were masters of the lute, and no one, no matter how far they came from, could outplay a Jester.

Decades later, when the newest of Jesters was born, his lessons began at a very young age. His family taught him to be the best Jester! Lutes had been a primary instrument of their family for generations, but the youngest Jester always longed for something more.

One evening after entertaining a kingdom for a princes’ birthday, the youngest Jester found himself walking home alone. His elders had decided to stay and continue the celebration, but the young Jester found himself bored with the lute, and wanted to turn in for the night.

Suddenly, a ray of light shined down upon him, and beamed his body towards the sky. Terrified, the young Jester looked up, and saw a group of aliens. They were very odd and kept communicating to take the young Jester somewhere. He was very uncertain of the future, but he knew he was trapped into submission of their wishes.

After days of traveling through space, one of the aliens came into the chamber they had assigned him and handed him an instrument that looked like a futuristic lute. He gave it a hard strum. It was a guitar! Instantly, he fell in love with the tone, and started picking at the strings like his family had taught him to do on the lute for years. Still not knowing his destination, at least now he had an amazing instrument to entertain himself. After a while, the aliens joined in too.

A few more days passed, as the ship slowed down and started entering Earth’s orbit. This must be the destination the aliens had in mind for the young Jester. They finally landed, when greeted by a different breed of aliens from Earth. They too had intergalactic instruments he had never seen before.

Together they played, and started a collaboration to create a universal language for the entire universe to love and understand. The group went on to be known as The Universal Funk Orchestra.

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“An epic introduction to a universal supergroup!!” Blast into the comsos for an intergalactic adventure! Directed and shot by Trippler Studios + East Coast Visuals

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"HumAlien" release House Party
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