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    November 11
    11Eleven Fest 2018
    Broken Strings Brewery
    December 15
    2nd Annual Sanford Jingle Jam
    Downtown Sanford
    February 16
    "HumAlien" release House Party
    Orlando Band Camp
    February 23
    "HumAlien" Launch Party
    The West End Trading Company
    March 23
    UFO @ The Wynwood Yard
    The Wynwood Yard
    May 25
    UFO @ Neon Art Party
    June 1
    UFO @ 13th annual Hurricane Party
    Sanford, FL
    June 27
    UFO @ Wills Pub
    Orlando, FL
    July 13
    UFO @ Cafe Davincis
    Delando, FL
    July 20
    UFO @ Tanquerays Bar
    Orlando, FL
    July 26
    UFO @ Dunedin Brewery
    Dunedin, FL
    August 30
    UFO @ Sound Bar
    Orlando, FL