Many years ago, in a land far far away, was an eminent family of entertainment. For generations, the Jesters played for infinite masses of royal families. They were masters of the lute, and no one, no matter how far they came from, could outplay a Jester.

Decades later, when the newest of Jesters was born, his lessons began at a very young age. His family taught him to be the best Jester! Lutes had been a primary instrument of their family for generations, but the youngest Jester always longed for something more.

One evening after entertaining a kingdom for a princes’ birthday, the youngest Jester found himself walking home alone. His elders had decided to stay and continue the celebration, but the young Jester found himself bored with the lute, and wanted to turn in for the night.

Suddenly, a ray of light shined down upon him, and beamed his body towards the sky. Terrified, the young Jester looked up, and saw a group of aliens. They were very odd and kept communicating to take the young Jester somewhere. He was very uncertain of the future, but he knew he was trapped into submission of their wishes.

After days of traveling through space, one of the aliens came into the chamber they had assigned him and handed him an instrument that looked like a futuristic lute. He gave it a hard strum. It was a guitar! Instantly, he fell in love with the tone, and started picking at the strings like his family had taught him to do on the lute for years. Still not knowing his destination, at least now he had an amazing instrument to entertain himself. After a while, the aliens joined in too.

A few more days passed, as the ship slowed down and started entering Earth’s orbit. This must be the destination the aliens had in mind for the young Jester. They finally landed, when greeted by a different breed of aliens from Earth. They too had intergalactic instruments he had never seen before.

Together they played, and started a collaboration to create a universal language for the entire universe to love and understand. The group went on to be known as The Universal Funk Orchestra.