Joe (Kenny-J) Capati began his journey as a pianist at the early age of 6, and has been a Rock-Saxophonist in the Central Florida area for nearly 2 decades. In addition to the Piano and Saxophone, Kenny-J had the opportunity to explore the instrumentation of the Tuba, Marimba, Drum Set, and his own Voice throughout high school.

Besides the Universal Funk Orchestra, Kenny-J can be found performing in several other groups spanning in genres from Americana & Folk with The 502’s to Reggae-Rock with Gary Lazer Eyes.

“For me, the real job starts when I clock out for the day. For now, I spend 8 hours at a desk to make steady income, and that income is what facilitates the ability to spend as much time as I can every waking moment doing what I love without restraint.

#Neverstopplaying is my own life motto and mantra that transcends beyond just the instrument. All the world’s a stage and every waking moment we act on it. We decide whether or not we will play as a character in the light, or a character in the shadows, and I choose to share my talent as a character in the spotlight. It is my goal to reach as many people as possible, and in order to succeed in that I must never stop playing.”