Universal Funk Orchestra

When it comes to exciting music, showmanship and an ongoing mission to bring the funk to the people, no one does this better than the Universal Funk Orchestra.

With an array of vastly different backgrounds and mindsets, the Universal Funk Orchestra is a storm of musical information…in the best way possible.

Fronted by DJ Dizzlephunk (Family Gang, American Jesus, Unit Shifters), UFO’s current line-up is a veritable who’s who of their current scene, while retaining the familial ties of the past.  From the positive rapid-fire raps of Brian B-True (Beebs and Her Money Makers, Windchime, Horizen), the smooth-to-greasy Saxophone work of Joe Capati (The Mellow Relics, Gary Laser Eyes), the energetic drumming of Chris LeBrane (Family Gang, Kaleigh Baker and NEM, The Aristocracy), to the frenetic kinetic guitar power of The Jester (Family Gang, Jester Royale, Tears of a Tyrant), Universal Funk Orchestra’s sonic drive reaches far into many different genres.  High quality yet DIY, grounded yet in the cosmos, UFO’s overall aesthetic lies within the scope of each member.  Give them one question, and witness the revelation of 7 answers (Jester couldn’t make up his mind).

As a live band, UFO is a spectacle to be witnessed.  With the sky being no limit, Dizzle and Chris’ onstage behavior borderlines on the theatrical, with both wielding their respective instruments (whilst simultaneously abandoning them!).  B-True delivers his unique brand of showmanship, staying true to his roots, energizing the crowd with his animated street style.  To further expand upon the theatrics, Jester and Joe amaze crowds with their amazing dexterity and musical prowess.  With UFO, the stage is their playground, and the audience is invited in on the fun.

Different and unique to themselves to an advantage or fault, the Universal Funk Orchestra is exactly what it is, a collective of musicians from all walks, here to bring the music to the people.

To create, promote, and exhibit pure freedom, enthusiasm and togetherness through the means of music.  Our goal is to provide the listening masses with an elevation plan, without the need of a substance (unless you want to!).  We have, on purpose, selected differentiating members in order to reach the widest base available.  Designed to set your mind (and behind) free, this is a ground-based spaceship ready to take everyone in tow to a much greater place.
Universal Funk Orchestra, A Musical Collective.